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A fresh chapter for the University

Dear Colleagues,

Our first University Day (U-Day) was held on 18 March, which was the third Friday of the month. From henceforth, annual U-Day events will be held on the third Friday every March, signifying the depth of our community-oriented engagement and showcasing the achievements of our world-class faculty and talented students.

Everyone participating at the U-Day inauguration ceremony on 18 March had the privilege to be among the first to greet our new University Mascot and listen to the first public airing of part 2 of the University Anthem. While our mascot embodies our primary qualities, our Anthem encapsulates our aspirations.

The University Mascot was inspired by the character of the tiger. CityU is wise, vital, vigorous, strong and pro-active like a tiger, traits that are evident in the forward-looking way that we pursue excellence in professional education and research. These tiger-like characteristics echo our aspirations to venture beyond boundaries and overcome challenges. The University Mascot will appear at various activities and in different communications, continually promoting our special brand. 3D and other versions will be launched, too. If you have not yet met the Mascot, you can do so here:

No doubt you have already heard part 1, titled “Beyond Boundaries”, of our University Anthem. The accompanying video has attracted nearly 0.15 million YouTube views since it was launched a year ago. Now part 2, titled “Worldliness”, has been released ( “Worldliness” captures our aspirations to integrate teaching and research and our determination to stay focused on education. Both parts of the Anthem encapsulate our central character and ethos, singing out our special features, values and aspirations.

There is no limit to what we can do. Let’s flex our muscles and proclaim to the world the talents of our students and the strength of our faculty.

Way Kuo
President and University Distinguished Professor



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