From the President's Desk

From the President's Desk

No. 101

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For the Wellness of the CityU Community

Dear Colleagues,

Over the past decades, we have succeeded in building a university that is committed to excellence with the support and concerted efforts of our students, faculty, and staff. This pursuit of excellence involves every unit of the University and every member of the CityU community. In particular we are grateful to the steadfast doctors, dentists and dedicated support teams at the Young Chung-Yee Health Centre where most of us have booked appointments for general medical consultations and dental care services while at CityU.

The University is committed to promoting a healthy and productive campus with a sound plan to update ageing infrastructure. Because the Health Centre has been in use for almost two decades, I believe it needs renovations to meet the latest healthcare standards and to cope with future demand. A more advanced Health Centre, with enhanced hardware and software, will open by early 2023.

According to the new layout, the rearranged consultation and treatment areas will offer more effective services and treatment areas while energy-efficient installations, energy-saving appliances and green building materials will adhere to our green building code of practice.

Following input from the Health Centre’s doctors and nurses, antibacterial paintwork, an enhanced ventilation system, an isolation room, and maximised natural daylight from the full-height window walls in the waiting area will be provided.

In addition, a new online appointment and e-ticket system for medical services on the CityU Mobile App will reduce waiting time and we won’t need to take cumbersome medical files to appointments after the computer system has been upgraded to accommodate e-records.

The Health Centre will continue to provide medical and dental services at its temporary quarters during the renovation period at 5/F YEUNG (Purple Zone).

The University will continue to promote the general well-being of CityU family members. Our wellness will be better assured with a smarter Health Centre! 

Way Kuo
President and University Distinguished Professor



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