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四. 🌶 沾醬



2017年初,美國動畫影集「瑞克與莫廸」(Rick and Morty)將當年的川味辣醬畫進了影片,因而勾起許多人的回憶。經社群網站的熱烈討論,麥當勞於同年10月7日,以限店限量的方式讓當年風靡一時的川味沾醬「重出北美江湖」。

沒想到,此款川味沾醬引發搶購風潮,當天全數售罄,進而引發徹夜排隊未果的民眾走上街頭抗議。據說拍賣網站上,一包沾醬甚至喊價到995美元(約7,500港幣)。麥當勞透過「我們要沾醬」(We Want the Sauce)的網站發表聲明,於2018年2月26日在美國各地再度推出高達2千萬份的辣味沾醬。


The McDonald's story

4. 🌶 Spicy recollections of a Sichuan sauce

According to the Chicago Tribune, a spicy dipping sauce was released in McDonald's outlets in the US in 1998 as part of a promotional tie-in with the Disney animation Mulan. For a brief time, Sichuan was connected with the US through its famed piquant dressing after its cuisine was made known overseas.

The sauces we normally use are ready-made and so in my opinion there is no comparison with the sauce for "traditional Beijing noodles with fried bean sauce" that I am more familiar with. This latter flavour is made with bean sauce and diced pork belly pan fried by oil over a low heat. While admittedly the long, slow cooking process tests one's patience, the absence of sugar and spicy peppers brings out the natural flavour so much so that once tasted other sauces seem like mere decoration.

In early 2017, the cartoon series Rick and Morty reintroduced the Sichuan sauce to the US, triggering people's recollections. Prompted by heated discussions on social media, McDonald's decided to revive its Sichuan dipping sauce for a one-day promotion on 7 October later that year, but only in limited quantities at certain locations.

No one anticipated that such a commotion would greet this one-off promo! Some fans who'd lined up overnight were outraged when stores ran out. Some customers even protested in the streets. Not only that, a packet of Sichuan sauce is said to have sold at one time on eBay for as much as US$995 (HK$7,500).

Because of the craze, McDonald's launched the website "We Want the Sauce" early 2018 and announced that 20 million packets would be available for an extended period starting 26 February 2018 at all McDonald's restaurants in the US.

I flew into the US on personal leave that year. After I disembarked at Dulles International Airport in Washington, D.C., I went straight to McDonald's for Chicken McNuggets with Sichuan dipping sauce. Perhaps I had experienced only chili peppers served locally in Hong Kong for too long or perhaps it was the long flight but I could certainly feel the burn in my butt after the meal.


28 December, 2020