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五. ☕️ 咖啡

香港麥當勞提供咖啡的種類比美國麥當勞賣的咖啡種類多很多。除傳統美式咖啡外,香港麥當勞還有優質即磨咖啡、意大利泡沫咖啡、焦糖鮮奶咖啡、冰凍咖啡、…,當然還免不了提供港式奶茶及以黃豆奶為配料的 soy milk mocha 。但是我最喜歡的則是有特色的綠茶豆漿冲的豆奶抺茶(soy milk matcha),光聽名字就感到養生保健。





The McDonald's story

5. ☕️ Coffee

The coffee at McDonald's in Hong Kong is more varied than the kinds served in the US. In addition to the usual American coffee, or caffè Americano, other drinks are served, such as freshly brewed coffee, cappuccino, caramel latte, iced coffee and of course Hong Kong-style milk tea and soy milk mocha. However, what I like most is the soy milk matcha with green tea powder. Just the name itself sounds healthy.

As I don't have the relevant genes, I have no interest in cigarettes, cigars or a pipe. I have never partaken but I don't mind the habit in others, which I admit can look rather elegant with some people. In fact, I harbour a kind of longing when I see the drifting curls of tobacco smoke.

Moreover, coffee is not really my drink, either. I almost never touched the stuff when I was living in the US. But people might think otherwise. During Occupy Central, two kind-hearted campus security guards with whom, like all our campus guards, I enjoyed a congenial relationship with wanted to buy me a coffee the day before they retired. I politely declined, saying I didn't usually drink coffee. They were surprised. They thought they'd seen me buying coffee. Actually I did, but only for the opportunity to talk to staff.

What I do like, though, is the smell of coffee. I reckon I can tell a lot about the quality just from the aroma. But since I don't drink this beverage, I have once refreshed the air by flushing away the coffee that comes with a McDonald's set meal.

This habit can have some consequences, though. When I was Dean of Engineering at the University of Tennessee, a cleaner became concerned when she once spotted the darkish water in the toilet bowl and the pervasive scent of coffee. She thought I must be sick. I assured her I was fine. "I have no genes for coffee," I said, "and I dumped the contents of my mug for sanitising purposes." purposes."

11 January, 2021