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Research Students Seminars
Research Student Seminars in 2018/19

HAN Wenjing, The Big Role of Rural Collective Business Land in the Sustainable Urbanization of Small Towns in China: Mechanism, Path and Governance, 27 Jun 2019

YOU Dingyi, Three Essays on Chinese Science Associations, 26 Jun 2019

WEI Xianan, Toward A Further Understanding of E-Leadership In Situational Contexts, 26 Jun 2019

LIU Yongshen, Revisit China's Neoliberal Urbanism: An Ethnographic Research on a University Town in Guangzhou, 2 May 2019

WANG Daan, Fitting the Person to the Job or to the Organization? Evaluating the Process of Civil Service Selection in Shenzhen Municipality, 21 Mar 2019

WANG Shaodong, Understanding the performance of firms in the high-tech industry: firm capabilities, network structure, and geographical proximity, 6 Dec 2018

WU Peiyi, The Government Innovation and Diffusion: The Adoption of the Development Zone Programs in China, 19 Oct 2018

CHEN Wenna, E-participation performance: an integrative model and empirical tests, 15 Oct 2018

SUN Sihan, Advance Directives in the Palliative Care in China: Confucian Bioethics, Practice, and Policy, 4 Oct 2018

BAI Jie, The Issue of Inheriting the Mother’s Surname: an Ethical and Social Research, 4 Oct 2018

XIE Wenye, Towards appropriate long-term elderly care in contemporary Chinese societies: A study of Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Mainland China, 3 Oct 2018

TU Wenyan, Effective Accountability and Bureaucratic Shirking, 27 Sep 2018

ZHENG Yang, Union of Homeowners’ Associations in Urban China: Origin, Operation and State Response, 27 Sep 2018

Valentina CARRARO, Geopolitics at the Time of Google Maps, 18 Sep 2018

TANG Kai Yi, Colonial Medical Reform under Cold War: A Comparative-historical Analysis of the cases of Hong Kong and Singapore, 14 Sep 2018

CHO Youn Soo, The State and Public Housing Policy: A Comparative Study of Hong Kong and Singapore, 14 Sep 2018

Ipshita SREEMANY, Examining the factors influencing the decision of social entrepreneurial exit: an institutional-rule perspective, 13 AUG 2018

SHANG Liang, How Can Social Entrepreneurship Contribute to Social Work in the Disability Sector? 1 Aug 2018

Research Student Seminars in 2017/18

FONG Chi Wai Alex, How the oneness hypothesis as a governing philosophy can guide strategies to promote flourishing at work and enterprise sustainability in Chinese family business enterprises, 25 Jun 2018

LEE Subin, Wisdom as Meta-Virtue? Dasan’s Understanding of Shi fei zhi xin (是非之心) and Zhi (智), 10 May 2018

XU Jingyuan, Administrative Strategies and Budgetary Outcomes: An Analysis of Hong Kong Environmental Legislation and Spending; 27 Apr 2018

LIU Yongshen, The State, Market and Society in Urban Development of China’s Metropolises: A Case Study of Guangzhou, 26 Apr 2018

ZHAO Chenlin, Building Capacity for Joint Action in Collaborative Network: An Analysis on Procedural and Institutional Factor in the Chinese Context, 1 Mar 2018

CHAN Kwun Hong, From "tradition" to "anachronism": the post-WWII development of the District Watch Force, 12 Feb 2018

WANG Daan, Fitting the Person to the Job or to the Organization? Evaluating the Process of Civil Service Selection in Guangdong Province, 24 Oct 2017

OUM Socheat, The role of awareness as a deterrent of corruption and the role in anti‐corruption movements in Cambodia, 16 Oct 2017

CHEN Shuo, Political Mobility of Chinese County-level Elites: An Empirical Analysis of 532 County Party Secretaries, 30 Sep 2017

PARAS Arnil, Exploring Social Entrepreneurial Opportunity Change in the Context of Disaster, 13 Sep 2017

LI Mengyan, Integrity Education in China's Anti-Corruption Practice: Dynamics, Patterns and Functions, 31 Aug 2017

SHANG Liang, How Social Entrepreneurship can contribute to social work: an exploratory study of SE in the disability sector, 28 Aug 2017

SHANG Liang, Anti-Oppression Practices in Social Enterprises, 28 Aug 2017

PANG Rui, Can green manufacturing achieve the win-win solution between economic growth and environmental improvement? – A Chinese context study, 16 Aug 2017

HAZARIKA Natasha, Eco- Innovation: Inter- relations of policy structure, demand and firm competency, 16 Aug 2017

Research Student Seminars in 2016/17

ZHU Bin, Spatial Distribution of Health Workforce in China: Exploring its Characteristics and Determinants, 12 Jun 2017

KWON Kyung Rok, Empathy and Sympathy: Moral Foundations of Sentimentalist Representation, 25 May 2017

LEE Subin, Wisdom as Meta-Virtue?: Dasan's Understanding of Shi fei zhi xin (是非之心) and Zhi (智), 5 May 2017

XU Jingyuan, What makes a government spend more on the environment? The case of Hong Kong, 27 Apr 2017

ZHANG Xukun, The evolving regulations of illegal housing in urban renewal practice: case study of Y project in Shenzhen, 27 Apr 2017

ZHU Zi, Between Riots and Protests: A hybrid approach to environmental contention in China, 27 Apr 2017

TAN Hongze, Bicycles will tear us apart? Drawbacks of urban governance and cycling promotion in Guangzhou (China), 26 Apr 2017

LI Yan, Towards a Pathway and Consequence of Precarious Geography of Creative Labour in China, 19 Apr 2017

YUAN Dinghuan, Differentiating Urban Developments on Collective land in Mainland China, 1 Mar 2017

ZHANG Yue, Mentoring and Red Tape in the Public Sector, 28 Sep 2016

CARRARO Valentina, Mapping al-Quds Reassembling the Online Cartographies of an Unjust City, 27 Sep 2016

TRITTO Angela, Environmental policies, strategies and technologies in the context of Heritage Tourism: a comparative case study analysis of natural and cultural World Heritage Sites in China and Malaysia, 19 Sep 2016

YUAN Dinghuan, Differentiating Urban Developments on Collective Land in Mainland China: A Transaction Cost Perspective, 13 Sep 2016

FU Yang, Ecotopia or a New Vision: Do Eco-Cities Create Unjust Sustainability in China? 2 Sep 2016

KWON Kyung Rok, The Sentimentalist Representation in Confucianism, 24 Aug 2016

HENDRIKX Martijn J.H.M, Unlocking the educational dream: Access paths for chengzhongcun residents in Guangzhou, 19 Aug 2016

TAN Hongze, Has Urban Cycling Improved in Hong Kong from the 1980s to Present? : A Socio-Political Analysis of Managers' and Activists' Contributions, 11 Aug 2016