Why Study Here
Master of Arts in Public Policy and Management
Brief Description
MAPPM aims to broadly support the development of effective, people-centred governance in Hong Kong and around the world by producing graduates who can creatively contribute to policy analysis for, and the innovative management of, a wide range of issues of public concern. In particular, the programme will provide students with opportunities to:
• enhance their theoretical knowledge and to discover new insights into public policy making and management in both local and international contexts;
• develop their intellectual capacity in researching systematically and analysing critically theories and information about the effective and efficient utilization of public resources for the betterment of society; and
• hone practical skills required for effective public management and to strengthen their abilities to contribute to creative and innovative problem solving in public policy and management contexts.

Our Students

Our students include:
•    Administrative, Executive and Disciplined Services Officers;
•    Professionals in health- or social welfare-related services:
•    University Administrators or School Teachers;
•    Journalists, Accountants, Lawyers and various Private Sector Business Managers;
•    District Council Members and Assistants to Legislative or District Councilors;
•    And many others who want to know more about public policy and governance.

Mode of Study and Teaching Arrangements

Students in “Full-time mode”:
  • all non-local students who pursue the programme with student visa are normally under this mode;
  • local students may also opt for this study mode if they can commit taking at least 12 credits of courses for a regular semester throughout the study period;
  • can normally complete the programme in one year;
  • attending five weekday evening classes and/or some Saturday classes every week.
 Students in “Part-time mode”:
  • should not take more than 11 credits of courses for a regular semester throughout the study period;
  • can normally complete the programme in two years;
  • attending one to three weekday evening classes per week and/or some classes are on Saturdays.
 Students in “Combined mode’:
  • suitable for students who are uncertain whether they can pursue the programme in the specific “full-time” or “part-time” mode throughout the study period;
  • flexibility to switch between the “full time” or the “part time” study load during the study period;
  • the maximum study period of “combined mode” students are the same as “part time” students;
  • will not be entitled to benefits exclusive for “full-time students”, such as, the MTR student travel scheme.

Except students who registered for the “full-time” mode, all other students will be pre-registered for taking “part-time” study load as default.

Application should be made online via https://www.cityu.edu.hk/pg/programme/p27
Applicants are reminded to get the following documents prepared in PDF format for uploading to the application system:
  • Official academic transcript with an official explanation on the grading scale
  • For academic qualifications obtained in the Mainland China, the degree award certificate (學士學位証) and online verification report of China Higher Education Student’s Academic Transcript (中國高等學校學生成績驗証報告)
For details of the supporting documents required, please refer to the Notes to Applicants on SGS’s website (https://www.cityu.edu.hk/pg/taught-postgraduate-programmes/apply-now)

Further Information and Contacts:
Programme Leader and Public Policy Stream Leader: Dr. Nicolai Petrovsky
Associate Programme Leader and Governance in China Stream Leader: Dr. Nicole Liu
Public Management Stream Leader: Dr. Chih-wei Hsieh
Smart Cities Stream Leader: Dr. Edmund Cheng
Admissions Tutors: Dr. Nick Or and Dr. Bo Wen
Dissertation Coordinator:  Dr. Chih-wei Hsieh

For further information of the programme, please refer to our pamphlet and Chow Yei Ching School of Graduate Studies’ online prospectus.

Tel: (852) 3442 7533
Fax: (852) 3442 0413
Email: samappm@cityu.edu.hk