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Master of Arts in Housing and Urban Management
Brief Description
• Master of Arts in Housing and Urban Management (MAHUM) is a newly consolidated programme built on the strengths of the renowned Master of Arts in Housing Studies and Master of Arts in Urban Management programmes
• This MAHUM programme has two specialized study streams: Housing Stream and Urban Management Stream
• The Housing Stream mainly caters to local housing management practitioners who opt for professional training in housing management
• The Urban Management Stream is ideal for those who are interested in urban management, and at the same time, eager to enhance conceptual capacity in housing management
Programme Aims
•  train professional housing and urban managers for both the public and private sectors in Hong Kong and the Region;
•  equip graduates with thorough understanding of the social, political, economic, legal and physical institutions within the context of housing and urban management; and
•  furnish graduates with high level analytic and management skills for the personal enhancement of the graduate in their future career as well as further development of the profession.
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Further Information and Contacts

Programme Leader: Professor Yip N M
Associate Programme Leader: Dr Wissink Bart
Admissions Tutors: Dr Hu Wanyang (Housing Stream)
                                Dr Wang Jun (Urban Management Stream)

Tel: (852) 3442 8917
Fax: (852) 3442 0413
E-mail: polmahum@cityu.edu.hk

                           Professor Ngai-ming Yip
                        (MAHUM Programme Leader)