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This minor aims to 1. provide students with a basic understanding of the important aspects of government, politics and public administration in Hong Kong in the context of the changing environment before and after the transfer of sovereignty; 2. equip students with the knowledge of public law, institutions, agencies and actors involved in the policymaking process and the operation of government in the context of Hong Kong politics; 3. introduce students to the basic concepts and theories of political science, public administration, comparative politics and political communication; 4. familiarize students with the problems, implementation and prospects of the “one country, two systems” policy and the challenges facing Hong Kong’s democratization process since 1997; 5. facilitate students to discover their ability to apply social sciences theories and concepts to evaluate current controversial issues in Hong Kong politics and find out solutions to problems of governance.
This minor aims to 1. provide students with academic knowledge of the theories and concepts in public policy management. 2. offer students the analytical tools to examine public policy issues. 3. enable students to appreciate the developments and challenges of managing public policy in the contemporary world. 4. equip students with the skills that meet the human resources needs of public and private sectors employers in administration, management and policy analysis positions.
This minor aims to offer students the opportunity to explore to a brief but substantial degree, the areas of philosophy and ethics, to gain familiarity with their aims and methods, to develop facility in engaging in the areas, and to learn how to analyze public affairs from philosophical and ethical perspectives.
This minor aims to: 1. provide students with an introduction to the discipline of political science and knowledge of key issues of local and global politics; 2. produce graduates who can meet effectively the human resources needs of a wide range of public and private sector employers in administrative, management and policy analysis positions; 3. broaden students' perspectives and deepen their understanding of other cultures.
This minor aims to: introduce students to key debates and issues in urban studies and urban policy discuss and examine the major urban policy issues facing Hong Kong explore urban and social transformation in contemporary China demonstrate the social and economic significance of housing, locally and globally provide students with a solid understanding of key aspects of urban management, particularly in relation to transport planning and housing policy.