Nagoya & Osaka Study Tour 2019

The Department has organized a study tour to Nagoya & Osaka, Japan for PHY students in Summer 2019. The theme of this study tour is “Exploration of Competitive, Applied Physics Research and Industry Integration”.

The study tour was held from 26 May to 1 June 2019. 25 students joined the study tour, and they were privileged to have a chance to explore firsthand the cutting-edge physics researches and their applications in Japan. They visited the Nagoya University, Osaka University, and some local industry including Toyoda Gosei and Aichi Synchrotron Radiation Center (AichiSR).

Mr Krishna-Prasad-Madhava (BScAP, Year-2) was impressed by the modern and minimalistic architecture in Nagoya University, and the visit to the AichiSR was an eye-opening experience for him, “I learned how high energy, hard and soft X-Rays were produced and how the X-Rays were transferred to the testing facilities via beam lines,” Madhava said.

Mr Andrew Siah (BScAP, Year-2) said the trip has been fruitful in spurring and reigniting his joy for physics, “Visiting the research labs and hearing the researches of the professors reignited the passion I have for Physics. Being able to explore the latest breakthrough in academia and to see the sparkle in their eyes when they shared their works was brilliant,” said Andrew. He continued, “The trip has been fruitful in helping me bond with my fellow students as well, as we rarely get to have inter-year bonding among Physics students. The friendships are helpful as the seniors can help advise fellow juniors on how to approach the classes, what to do for summers, goals and plans for post-degree future, etc.

26 June 2019  #student_activities