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Online Colloquium: Quantum Sensing 2.0 – To eliminate the blind spot of classical metrology


Quantum information science and technology signify the second quantum revolution. Quantum sensing exploits quantum coherence to enhance metrological techniques and to enable novel measurement schemes, pushing the limits of detection sensitivity and imaging resolution. We will discuss a few examples of such quantumness-enhanced metrology – such as magnetic resonance spectroscopy of single nuclear spins. An emerging trend in quantum sensing research is to develop schemes that have no classical counterparts. The equivalence between the decoherence of a quantum object in an environment and the environment’s partition function in the complex plane makes it possible to measure thermodynamic properties of a system with complex parameters. Also, arbitrary order correlations of a quantum system may be extracted to study quantum many-body physics and to realize classical-noise-free detection. We will discuss new opportunities in quantumness-enabled sensing.


Prof. Renbao Liu got his BSc degree in 1995 from the Department of Physics at Nanjing University, and PhD degree in 2000 from Institute of Semiconductors, Chinese Academy of Science. After postdoctoral research at Center for Advanced Study, Tsinghua University and at Department of Physics, University of California – San Diego, he joined The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) in 2005 as a faculty member of Department of Physics, where he has been a full professor since 2014. His research interests include condensed matter physics, quantum optics, nonlinear optics, quantum computing, and quantum sensing. He was awarded, among other honors, CUHK Young Researcher Award (2010), Distinguished Fellow of Faculty of Science, CUHK (2013), Huang Kun Prize (2013), and CUHK Research Excellence Award (2014).


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Event Details
Prof. Renbao LIU
Department of Physics
The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Date & Time
16 April 2021 3:00 pm

Zoom Meeting, City University of Hong Kong

Dr. ZHANG Zhedong