Undergraduate Admissions 2020

Our BSc Applied Physics major equip students with knowledge and critical thinking skills that will enable them to tackle difficult problems throughout their careers. The curriculum teaches not only foundational courses in physics, but also technology-driven courses such as computer modelling and advanced instrumentation. Students may take part in the department-based research attachment scheme, which provides them with early exposure to discovery and innovation. Graduates are well equipped not only for developing a diverse range of professional careers but also for pursuing postgraduate studies.

Students who meet certain requirements can apply for admission to the Joint Bachelor’s Degree Program between City University of Hong Kong and Columbia University in the USA. To learn more about the Joint Bachelor’s Degree Program, please visit http://gs.columbia.edu/cityu-hk/.

To know more about our undergraduate programme, please visit here. For details about entrance requirements and application procedures, please visit the website of our Admissions Office.

Students can also visit the Students’ Corner at the Admissions Office website to watch admissions talks, view programme presentations and download programme materials.


Media Coverage:

  1. 檢測輻射儀器 確保醫療安全 物理學家是醫院強力後盾 [Ming Pao] 2019-10-30 G3 大學道
  2. 城大應用物理學理學士課程 打好純物理基礎 把握創科新機遇 [Ming Pao] 2019-10-30 G3 大學道

29 October 2019  #PHY  #UG