Dr. Beatrice LEE

Associate Director (Special Projects)
BA (Hons) HK, MA City HK, DEd Leicester
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Room A, 5/F, Block 1, To Yuen Building, 31 To Yuen Street City University of Hong Kong
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Beatrice Lee obtained her first degree at The University of Hong Kong and graduated with distinction in the Master's degree in Information Systems at the City University of Hong Kong. Before joining CityU, she worked for the Government of Hong Kong in the Headquarters of the City and New Territories Administration and was responsible for promoting and organizing cultural activities for the youth of Hong Kong.

She joined CityU in its formative years and begun her career with the Academic Registry, working on the management of student admissions, registration, records and examinations. Between 1991 and 1994, she supported University level senior committees including the University Senate, the Course Validation and Monitoring Committee, the Academic Policy Committee and various Senate sub-committees. She also served many programme validation panels during the period when the Institution was seeking self-accreditation status to become a university. She has extensive experience in academic administration and assisted in the establishment of, the then, second Law School in Hong Kong. In 1998, she assisted the former CityU President in setting up the School of Creative Media which has been making significant contribution to the nurturing of local talents for the creative industries, many of whom earned international awards while they were still students at the School.

Between 1996 and 2002, as a core member in the Office of the Vice-President, Planning and Information Services, Beatrice participated in several major institutional initiatives such as the World Leaders in Higher Education Forum in 1997, the English Language Reengineering Study which resulted in the setting up of the English Language Centre. She also participated in the development of an enterprise-wide IT-based administrative system and in the Digital Library project which successfully transformed the traditional Library into a learning resources center to provide support to students and faculty in the rapidly developing field of digital information services.

She has strong professional interest and expertise in strengthening corporate governance of the University. For 10 years (2002 to 2013), she supported the University Council in setting the mission and the strategic direction of the University; and for the last two years, she was Secretary to the Council and the University Court. While working for the University Council and its committees, she furthered her studies in higher education management graduating as a Doctor of Education of the University of Leicester.

In 2013, with her substantial experience and wide exposure to various aspects of University administration and knowledge of governance, she participated in the University’s major initiative of establishing the first Vet School in Hong Kong. In the formative years of the Vet School, in addition to advising on the academic planning and administration process for undergraduate, postgraduate and PhD programmes, she was also responsible for the submission to the Senate for approval of a taught Master and a PhD programme.

She enjoys taking up new challenges and working with a committed team of professionals, staff and faculty. She is now posted in the new Department of Infectious Diseases and Public Health of the Jockey Club College of Veterinary Medicine and Life Sciences to help with the development of public health and veterinary sciences in Hong Kong and the region.

Her research interest includes micro-politics, union activities and internationalization in higher education.