Jockey Club College of Veterinary Medicine and Life Sciences

Research Themes

One Health and Infectious Diseases:

We are establishing the One-Health and One-Medicine approach and promote collaborations to develop research programmes to investigate host-pathogen interactions, antibiotic resistance, virulence of viruses and bacteria, and epidemiology of infectious pathogens in animals, as well as at the animal-human interface through the Applied Research Centre of One Health Research and Policy Advice. The species include companion animals, livestock and aquatic animals. A major research emphasis in this context is the development of interventions for the control of avian influenza in poultry populations and risk mitigation of human exposure to these viruses.

Food Safety/ Productivity:

Tailored health and production management programmes are being developed for pig, poultry and fish farms in Hong Kong. This will become a platform for intensive research in relation to factors influencing productivity, animal disease risk, food safety and zoonotic disease risks. Interventions will be developed to improve productivity and mitigate disease risks, while reducing antimicrobial usage and minimizing any adverse impacts on the environment. The pig, poultry and fish health and production research will include a component that identifies the associated value chains and food system dynamics in Hong Kong.

Companion Animal Health:

The epidemiology of health and welfare of dogs and cats is investigated by working with Hong Kong veterinary practices. Through CityU PAVC, one of the largest veterinary practices in the territory, data since 2004 is currently being analysed to characterise Hong Kong’s unique dog and cat population in relation to health, prognosis, survival and welfare. The relationship between the microbiome within a household shared with pets, antimicrobial usage and emergence of resistance will be examined. Through collaboration with the Hong Kong Jockey Club (HKJC), epidemiological research will be conducted into race horse health and welfare.