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Congratulations to Professor David Hampson on being awarded the AVA Gilruth Prize

25 May 2018

Prof. Hampson and Dr Paula Parker (AVA President)

Professor David Hampson (Head of the Department of Infectious Diseases and Public Health / Chair Professor of Pathobiology) was awarded the 2018 Gilruth Prize by the Australian Veterinary Association (AVA).

The Gilruth Prize was established by the AVA in 1953 and is awarded for meritorious service to veterinary science in Australia. It is the AVA's highest award and was presented to Prof. Hampson for his distinguished career over four decades, which has seen him recognised globally for his contribution to research and science, particularly for his work on swine dysentery and related diseases. He had an emerging pig pathogen named after him, Brachyspira hampsonii, in recognition of his contributions to research on Brachyspira.

The award was presented by the President of AVA, Dr Paula Carter, at the 2018 AVA Conference in Brisbane during a special Awards Ceremony on Monday, 15th May 2018.

Prof. Hampson then briefly addressed the audience. He outlined some parallels between Gilruth’s life and his own, about the mentoring he had received during his career, about academic leadership, and also about how the Australasian Veterinary Surgeons Board’s Council can assist with the development of Veterinary Science throughout the Asia-Pacific region through their accreditation process.

We would like to congratulate Prof. Hampson on this well-deserved award!

Download the citation HERE and Prof. Hampson’s acceptance speech HERE.