Epidemix V2: Modelling ASF and COVID-19

Presented by Prof Dirk Pfeiffer (City University Hong Kong and Royal Veterinary College, UK), Dr Guillaume Fournié (Royal Veterinary College, UK) and Dr Petra Muellner (EPI-interactive NZ)

Epidemix is an interactive multi-model application which has become a popular tool for teaching and visualising infectious disease transmission dynamics. Applicable to both human and animal populations, its goal is to make modelling more transparent. This freely accessible app allows users to explore infectious disease transmission dynamics both for teaching purposes and also developing an understanding of different assumptions and the effect of interventions on disease spread. The Epidemix app is accessible via www.epidemix.app.

The webinar presentations will demonstrate how to use the Epidemix model to explore epidemiological features of African swine fever and COVID-19 in relation to spread and control. It is desirable that participants will have a basic understanding of epidemiological concepts.

Participation in the event is free, and the event will be run twice to make it possible for interested individuals in different time zones to attend.

10 Nov 2020 |Auckland: 9pm | Hong Kong: 4pm | London: 8am | New York 3am | Los Angeles 12pm
Please register in advance via this link:

12 Nov 2020 |Auckland: 12am | Hong Kong: 7am | London: 11pm (Nov 11)| New York 6pm (Nov 11) | Los Angeles 3pm (Nov 11)
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The Epidemix App is described in:
Muellner U, Fournié G, Muellner P, Ahlstrom C, Pfeiffer D. Epidemix - an Interactive Multi-Model Application for Teaching and Visualizing Infectious Disease Transmission. Epidemics, doi: 10.1016/j.epidem.2017.12.003, 2017.