Improving Pig Health and Production in Hong Kong

Project leader: Prof. Dirk U. Pfeiffer
Project members: Dr Song Hao Lee, Dr Michael Wilson, Mr Lewis Choi, Mr Jonathan Lam, Ms Yvonne Lui

Clinical Veterinary Team serving the local pig farmers.

The overall aim of the project is to improve pig health and production in Hong Kong. The objectives are to first identify the factors and barriers to achieve better pig health and productivity; and to develop interventions resulting in improved pig productivity, welfare, food safety and environmentally sustainable pig production and health. These objectives will be achieved by an extensive assessment of factors influencing the pork value chain, and on-farm monitoring of pig health and production. Based on these findings, a pig health and production management service will be tailored and delivered to Hong Kong pig farms.

Routine temperature checks of pigs

The project team performs regular examinations of local pig herds, assesses the productivity, biosecurity and management of pig farms, performs diagnostics, and provides customised recommendations for disease prevention and control. The team also provides free clinical veterinary services and training for veterinary professionals, farm workers and farmers to improve their biosecurity knowledge and advises on the appropriate use of antibiotics and other veterinary products.

Blood sampling of a pig

One of the main objectives of the project is to provide a tailored pig health and production management service programme to local pig farms. The project not only benefits individual pig farmers, but also enhances the economic and environmental sustainability of the pig farming industry in Hong Kong.

Swine veterinary service contact number: (852) 6976 9245


Funded by Sustainable Agricultural Development Fund, Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department