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    18 May 2021
    CityU wins 12 awards at Inventions Geneva Evaluation Days, the highest number among all universities in Hong Kong
    Researchers from CityU won the highest number of awards among all universities in Hong Kong at IGED 2021, including a Gold Medal with Congratulations of the Jury, five Gold Medals, three Silver Medals and three Bronze Medals, demonstrating the excellence of the research carried out at CityU.
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    5 May 2021
    Novel Neural Prosthetic Devices for Neurodegenerative Diseases
    Dr Eddie Ma Chi-him, Associate Head and Associate Professor in the Department of Neuroscience and Director of the Laboratory Animal Research Unit (LARU) at CityU, is currently developing novel neural prosthetic devices that could improve patients’ motor symptoms and improve their quality of life.
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    3 May 2021
    Discovering the Neural Mechanisms Between Chronic Pain and Cognitive Deficits
    Professor Li Ying, Chair Professor in the Department of Neuroscience and Department of Biomedical Sciences, has achieved breakthroughs by unveiling the secrets of brain molecules and tissue – astrocytes and myelin – in the central nervous system.
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    28 Apr 2021
    From Memory Formation to Treatment of Brain Disorders
    How memories are formed has long been a fundamental question for neuroscientists. Studies by Professor He Jufang, Wong Chun Hong Chair Professor of Translational Neuroscience in the Department of Neuroscience and Department of Biomedical Sciences, have shed light on the crucial role of a key neuromodulator, called cholecystokinin (CCK), in memory forming in the neocortex.
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    22 Feb 2021
    CityU excels on global top scientists list
    According to metrics compiled by Stanford University, over 140 CityU faculty members are listed among the top 2% of the world's most highly cited scientists, reflecting the high academic standard of our faculty and our excellent research performance.
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    26 Nov 2020
    Vision Impossible!
    Professor Sir Colin Blakemore delivered his talk in the President’s Lecture Series: Excellence in Academia.
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    Sep 2020
    Life in the brain lane – neuroscience for a new era
    Powering up positive change for a better society is an overriding driver at CityU. By forging a highly collaborative, multidisciplinary hub for the study of the brain and the central nervous system, our new Department of Neuroscience will contribute to professional education and translational research for improving people’s lives.
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    1 Jul 2019
    New Department of Neuroscience
    We are pleased to announce that a new Department of Neuroscience has been established on 1 July 2019 under the Jockey Club College of Veterinary Medicine and Life Sciences.