Academic Faculty

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Name Position Research Interests Email Tel. no. Office
Prof. Jufang He Head
Wong Chun Hong Chair Professor
of Translational Neuroscience
(NS & BMS)
Chair Professor of
Neuroscience (NS & BMS)
Hearing and Attention 3442-7042 YEUNG-P6308
Dr. Eddie Chi Him Ma Associate Head
Associate Professor
Director of Laboratory Animal Research Unit (LARU)
Nervous System 3442-9328 TYB-1B-107
Prof. Ying Li Chair Professor (NS & BMS) Chronic Pain 3442-2669 YEUNG-P6322
Prof. Jan Schnupp Professor Auditory Perception 3442-9186 TYB-2-101
Dr. Youngjin Lee Associate Professor Glial Biology 3442-4313 TYB-1A-205
Dr. Sungchil Yang Associate Professor Brain Mapping 3442-2356 TYB-1B-105
Dr. Alan Chi Chung Fung Assistant Professor Computational Neuroscience 3442-8639 TYB-1A-402
Dr. Kwok On Lai Assistant Professor Neuronal Cell Biology 3442-4152 TYB-1A-405
Dr. Geoffrey Chun Yue Lau Assistant Professor Cortical Circuits 3442-4345 TYB-1B-203
Dr. Jessica Aijia Liu Assistant Professor Neuronal-Glial Fate Determination and Interaction 3442-5841 TYB-1A-403
Dr. Qiang Liu Assistant Professor Neurophysiology and Behavior 3442-5842 TYB-1A-404
Dr. Xiaowei Zhu Assistant Professor Psychiatric Disorders / Computational Biology / Genomics 3442-4264 TYB-2-310