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Prof Jan Schnupp

DPhil Neurophysiology (Oxon), BA Mathematical Sciences (Open), BSc Genetics (UCL)

Professor, Department of Neuroscience (NS)

Jan Schnupp graduated from University College London with a Bachelor in Genetics in 1990 and obtained a doctorate in Neurophysiology from the University of Oxford in 1996 and a bachelor in mathematical sciences from the Open University in 2006. He was a junior research fellow at Christ Church, Oxford and a visiting research fellow at the University of Wisconsin at Madison before joining the faculty of the University of Oxford in 2002, where he was promoted to Professor in 2010. In 2016, Jan joined the faculty of City University of Hong Kong.

Research Interests

Jan is interested in how sensory processing interpret auditory inputs to the brain are transformed to underpin subjective perceptual qualities of sound such as pitch, timbre and sound source location, and how the brain learns to adapt to the statistical structure of the sounds in our environment to form efficient neural representations of sound and to support auditory scene analysis.

Position Availability

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Jan is co-author of the leading textbook "Auditory Neuroscience" published at MIT press, and has published over 70 peer reviewed articles in international journals.

For up-to-date lists of his publications in chronological order on PubMed click here. For a list by citations and bibliographic information on Google Scholar click here.

These are some representative recent papers:

  1. Rajendran VG, Harper NS, Abdel-Latif KHA, Schnupp JW. (2016) Rhythm facilitates the detection of repeating sound patterns. Frontiers in Auditory Cognitive Neuroscience.
  2. Willmore BDB, Schoppe O, King AJ, Schnupp JWH, Harper NS (2016) Incorporating midbrain adaptation to mean sound level improves models of auditory cortical processing. J Neurosci.
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