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Framework agreements with Cornell University and Northern Illinois University establish long-term collaborations for Southeast Asian Studies.
Over 60 researchers from different parts of the world discussed Asian migration issues from 6 to 7 September at CityU.
The largest celebration of Southeast Asian cultures ever held at a Hong Kong university kicked off on 19 April at CityU.
CityU is hosting a series of talks this week on the empowerment of women living in Muslim contexts, part of a multi-million dollar research project led by Dr Vivienne Wee, Associate Director of the Southeast Asia Research Centre.
Miss Suraiya Kamaruzzaman, Research Fellow in CityU's Southeast Asia Research Centre, participated in a panel discussion, "From Vulnerability to Empowerment: Women at the Heart of Tsunami Recovery", organised by the United Nations, 28 February to 11 March.
Over 120 people from the community gathered at CityU, 30-31 January 2005, for a public forum organized by the Southeast Asia Research Centre, to learn about Aceh's social issues arising from the tsunami in December.
The City University of Hong Kong Press exhibits 65 titles at the 15th annual Hong Kong Book Fair, 21-26 July 2004. Three of these were selected by book critics as among this year's "40 Good Books," and four are hot-off-the-press.
An international symposium promoting the exchange of ideas on the economic, political social and cultural developments arising from the changing relations between China and Southeast Asia was held at CityU March 24-25. "China and Southeast Asia: Challenges, opportunities and the reconstruction of Southeast Asian Chinese ethnic capital" was co-organized by CityU's Southeast Asia Research Centre (SEARC) and the Center for Southeast Asian Studies (CSAS) at Xiamen University.
The first large-scale conference on Islam held in Hong Kong and the first worldwide comparative discussion of Islam in Southeast Asia and China was held at CityU from 28 November to 1 December.
Arecent addition to the CityU scene, the Southeast Asia Research Centre (SEARC) is fast gaining a reputation as a unique research institution. Inaugurated in February 2001, the Centre has spent the past 10 months hiring new staff-one senior research fellow is already on board and there are two others on their way-receiving and funding research applications, putting a series of working papers on its website and offering a range of seminars.

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