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CityU and APAS R & D Centre have developed a minibus safety and passenger information services system. In collaboration with two local minibus operators, the system will be installed on 12 green minibuses as part of a pilot project.
A CityU survey on online payment security has revealed that Hong Kong netizens have a relatively low awareness of personal information protection in the online world, potentially exposing them to hackers.
Dr Stephen Liao Shaoyi, Associate Professor from the Department of Information Systems has developed three intelligent traffic systems to enhance road safety and transportation efficiency.
Dr Stephen Liao Shaoyi, Associate Professor from the Department of Information Systems, has received sponsorship of more than HK$10 million from the Innovation and Technology Fund and the industry to conduct three research projects on traffic systems.
The “Information Systems Symposium - IT Innovation in the Next Decade” staged by the Department of Information Systems provided informed insights into the potential developments in this field from 6 - 7 July.
FB held a seminar entitled "Interactive Learning with PDAs: Strategies, Implementation and Results" on 28 March to share its experiences using wireless PDA technology to boost interactive learning in large classes.
A handful of high value e-business applications -- e-gaming, e-logistics, e-banking, and e-tourism-will take Hong Kong's economy into a new era.
With his thought-provoking discussion on cross-cultural collaboration and virtual learning, Professor Douglas Vogel, Chair Professor of Information Systems, gave his audience much to consider at his professorial inaugural lecture in the Wei Hing Theatre on 5 December.
The world of e-commerce is changing at the speed of light. Companies boom and go bust in the blink of an eye. New business strategies come and go like whirlwinds. Everyone involved in e-business, from theorists to practitioners, have a difficult time keeping up with the latest developments, let alone share their experience and wisdom with others.
Since its establishment in 2000, CityU's Institute of Chinese Linguistics (ICL) has undertaken a number of research projects utilizing the collective expertise of the staff associated with the institute. One of these projects involves research in the specific context of Chinese language mediated e-commerce. Dr Matthew Lee, Head of the Department of Information Systems (IS), is working with colleagues from the ICL on this groundbreaking project.

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