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Medical representatives from the government, Legco and academia, gathered May 22 to discuss the need for the establishment of a regional disease surveillance centre in the territory to tackle the spread of infectious disease. The forum, "Lifting Hong Kong's Regional Status: The Establishment of a Regional Disease Surveillance Centre," was organized by CityU's APEC Study Centre.
A team of five students from City University's Department of Public and Social Administration showcased their wit and skills in a presentation about transport and logistics and walked away with the championship, beating six other teams.
A technology-driven customer relationship management (CRM) laboratory was launched by City University's Division of Commerce on 29 April. NEC Hong Kong Limited donated equipment and software and will provide technical support. The Commerce Applications Technology Laboratory (CAT Lab) will provide an advanced environment for staff and students to gain the latest customer relationship management skills.
Kudos go to researchers in the Departments of Biology and Chemistry (BCH), Computer Engineering and Information Technology (IT), Manufacturing Engineering and Engineering Management (MEEM), Information Systems (IS) and Building and Construction (BC) and the Division of Commerce (CM) who have been awarded external grants worth totaling 13.8 million for various research projects/ proposals on drug development, smart-card technology, SME competitiveness, and building and construction, respectively.
Miss Tang Sze-nga, a graduate of the Associate of Arts in Applied Japanese Studies in the Division of Language Studies, has been awarded a two-year scholarship of two million yen (approximately HK$134,000) for further studies at the Nagasaki International University (NIU) in Japan.
CityU students successfully pass the official Test de Connaissance du Francais
To ensure maximum public health safety and ease of heart for thousands of students and invigilators at the examinations that start on 5 May, the University, through the Ad Hoc Group on Monitoring SARS and the Academic Regulations and Records Office (ARRO), has decided on a number of extra precautionary measures.

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