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Breakthrough technology indicates earlier detection for Alzheimer’s disease
A research team co-led by a scientist at CityU has discovered a new, non-invasive way to detect early-stage Alzheimer’s disease, helping patients get the necessary treatments around 10 years before any symptoms appear.
New ventilation system helps protect healthcare workers from Covid-19 infection
Professor John Lin from the Division of Building Science and Technology has invented a stratum ventilation system that provides fresh air for healthcare staff inside a ward.
Two CityU projects on nanomaterials and nanostructures, initiated by the Department of Physics and Materials Science, have received their fair share of funding support from the Research Grants Council (RGC) central allocation 2002-03.
More than 500 local engineers attended a conference on the present and future developments in materials. Titled Materials Science and Technology in Engineering Conference - Now, New and Next (MaSTEC 2003), the Conference is organized by the Hong Kong Institution of Engineers (HKIE), and supported by CityU's Department of Physics and Materials Science and the Hong Kong Productivity Council (HKPC) from 15-17 January.
More than 100 academics and professionals from 14 countries and regions around the world participated in the 2nd International Conference on Application and Development of Computer Games held at City University from 6 to 7 January, which presented a broad perspective of technical and application challenges to the computer game industry in the information age. More than 45 papers were presented at the conference, which was organized by CityU's Division of Computer Studies.
The annual Asia-Pacific Journal of Accounting and Economics (APJAE) Symposium was this year held in Shanghai----the first time the symposium has been held outside Hong Kong. More than 150 accounting and auditing academics, practitioners and students from around the world attended the 4th APJAE Symposium from 6 to 8 January at the Shanghai National Accounting Institute (SNAI). The symposium was co-organized by City University of Hong Kong.
The annual Asia -Pacific Journal of Accounting and Economics (APJAE) Symposium was this year held in ShanghaiNthe first time the symposium has been held outside Hong Kong .
How can the advancement of knowledge through research play a role in boosting Hong Kong's current sluggish economy? A forum on this topic kicked off the Postgraduate Research Expo 2002, organized by the CityU Postgraduate Association to showcase our students" research talents and achievements.

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