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Tomas Collins,an exchange student from Australia's Murdoch University,found life at CityU and in Hong Kong exhilarating."It's an eye-opening experience,"said Tomas,who began his six-month sojourn in July 2002 as a final year student in the Department of Public and Social Administration."I'm particularly impressed by the multi-lingual environment in Hong Kong and among the college students."
More than 320 key members from about 35 student societies joined a one-day leadership training workshop before they take office on 1 January. The Orientation Workshop for Newly-elected Student Leaders, held 30 December at Wai Hing Theatre, was organized by Student Development Services (SDS) to help the students to become leaders.
CityU's 2000-2001 Annual Report and Financial Report won a Bronze prize in the Non-profit Making and Charitable Organization category in the 2002 Best Annual Reports Awards organized by the Hong Kong Management Association (HKMA). At a ceremony on 16 December, Professor Y S Wong, Vice-President for Administration, received a trophy on behalf of the University from the organizer.
A forum aimed at encouraging local companies to become learning organizations was held at CityU on 13 December. Organized by the Department of Manufacturing Engineering and Engineering Management (MEEM), the Forum for Industrial Learning Organizations attracted representatives from 11 local companies. The forum was also an opportunity for CityU researchers and collaborating companies to share their findings and experiences.
A two-day residential workshop was held on 21-22 December in which 48 CityU's final year management students gained insightful knowledge on developing key competencies as human resources and international business professionals.
In the presence of about 80 guests, CityU's Chinese Civilisation Centre (CCIV) and the City University of Hong Kong Press on 2 December launched the first two titles of the new Chinese Civilisation Lecture Series.
As part of its bid to enrich the learning experience, CityU encourages students to take part in its Student Exchange Programme. Under this scheme, students are eligible to apply for Student Exchange Fund (SEF) sponsorship to study in one of CityU's partner institutions for one or two semesters. Successful SEF candidates receive support up to a maximum of 50% of the total costs incurred for passage, accommodation and incidental charges.
The University is classified as a Public Body under the Prevention Bribery Ordinance (PBO) since its services impact significantly on the interests of the public. The following are some common queries raised by public body employees regarding the applicability of the PB" on them:
Dear Colleagues, You will have heard by now about University Council's resolution on 25 November on the Report of the Independent Committee on Review of Recent Events in the School of Law (IC).
Chairman and Members of Council, Honoured Guests, Graduates and Colleagues: I am delighted to have the chance to say a few words on this happy occasion. First, let me congratulate all the graduates and extend a warm welcome to your family members and friends. Thank you for allowing my colleagues and me to share your joy and pride.

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