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Eminent CityU faculty receive RGC awards
Outstanding faculty members at CityU were recognised by RGC at an Awards Presentation Ceremony on 24 November for their distinguished research achievements and significant contributions to higher education.
CityU Scholars was launched on 30 June to promote the achievements of faculty members, facilitate reporting information to the government, enhance the efficiency of internal reporting, and eliminate duplication.
Three joint research projects of CityU have received grants under the National Natural Science Foundation of China/Research Grants Council Joint Research Scheme.
CityU Shenzhen Research Institute was awarded RMB31.64 million for funding 59 research projects in mainland China in 2012.
CityU has performed strongly in the latest funding exercise conducted by the Research Grants Council with grants totaling $71.9 million for 119 research projects.
CityU has achieved outstanding results in the National Natural Science Foundation of China Research Grants Competition 2011, with 13 projects awarded about HK$7 million.
CityU has been awarded nearly $60 million in grants for almost 100 research projects under the Research Grants Council’s General Research Fund for 2011-12.
Following approval from the Ministry of Science and Technology, the State Key Laboratory in Marine Pollution led by CityU was established to help address the pressing need to protect China’s marine environment and biological resources.
CityU has achieved outstanding results in the 2010-11 General Research Fund exercise, securing more than $63 million for 106 projects, an increase of 19% in funding compared to last year.
CityU has been awarded a grant of more than HK$8 million from the Research Grants Council to lead a research project that assesses the reliability of electronic systems in order to prevent breakdowns that can lead to inefficiency or, in worst-case scenarios, fatal disasters.

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