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Professor Pan Yunhe, Executive Vice-President of CAE offered his views on the relationship between art and science at a CityU lecture.
Two outstanding mainland scientists shared their views on advances in astronomy over the past 400 years and China’s success in building roads and bridges at CityU on 25 November.
The Symposium on Internationalisation was held at CityU on 31 October to enhance awareness and seek support from university academic and administrative staff in promoting and sustaining internationalisation.
More than 40 new inventions and innovative ideas from CityU are on display at the Innovation Expo 2001 from 22-26 November at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre.
For years, the thin gauze of atmosphere surrounding the earth hampered astronomers from studying the most distant stars in our cosmos. But the Hubble Space Telescope, fixed in the clarity of space, has lifted that veil. It is our outpost to the universe. Mr H Y Wong, Director of the Industrial Business and Development Office (IBDO), likes to use the Hubble analogy to describe the importance of CityU joining the Shenzhen Virtual University Park (SZVUP) this past December..

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