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An international conference organised by the Department of Building and Construction addressed urgent challenges facing the global building and construction industries.
CityU has received a donation from the Hong Kong Construction Association to set up a scholarship fund for outstanding students studying at BC and BST.
The Department of Building and Construction has received HK$1.6 million donation from the Construction Industry Institute Hong Kong to set up postgraduate research scholarships to pursue further technological advances in the industry.
CityU held a technology transfer forum on 18 May on topics in building design and health protection, sharing technological development with experts from the building and construction industry.
The third technology transfer forum“Structural engineering for cost saving", co-organized by CityU and the Hong Kong Productivity Council on 21 May, disseminated the University’s mature technologies in building and construction.
Medical staff wears protective face masks and gowns when working in wards for highly infectious diseases such as SARS. But how can a virus be prevented from transferring from the clothing into the public? And how can we ensure that medical staff will not contract a virus as the clothing is removed? An "air shower" facility currently under development by the Department of Building and Construction (BC) may provide a solution.
The malfunctioning of the U-shaped water trap (U-trap), identified as one of the causes for the environmental transmission of the SARS virus at Amoy Gardens, has drawn public attention to the performance of the existing sewage and drainage systems in buildings.
More than 500 local engineers attended a conference on the present and future developments in materials. Titled Materials Science and Technology in Engineering Conference - Now, New and Next (MaSTEC 2003), the Conference is organized by the Hong Kong Institution of Engineers (HKIE), and supported by CityU's Department of Physics and Materials Science and the Hong Kong Productivity Council (HKPC) from 15-17 January.
The house shook. The picture hanging on the wall and the plant pots on the table almost tumbled to the floor. But the people inside the house were far from panicking. They were, in fact, excited to experience the vibrations.
At 15 May inauguration ceremony establishing its Zhuhai Applied R&D Centres, CityU became the first local university to set up a research base at Guangdong's Southern Software Park.

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