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Eminent CityU faculty receive RGC awards
Outstanding faculty members at CityU were recognised by RGC at an Awards Presentation Ceremony on 24 November for their distinguished research achievements and significant contributions to higher education.
Pulitzer Prize winning author Mr Junot Díaz was the speaker at City University Pulitzer Prize Distinguished Lecture on 15 March.
The Department of English at CityU received funding from the government to study the phenomenon of Cosplay in Hong Kong, and in addition is staging an international symposium and exhibition to discuss the transformative power of dress, costume and fashion.
The Department of English is hosting the Third International Roundtable on Discourse Analysis: Discourse and Creativity from 7 to 9 May, with acclaimed novelist and distinguished poet conducting a discussion on literary creativity.
Communication experts have gathered for an international conference co-organized by the Association for Business Communication and CityU to discuss professional communication in global and local contexts.
A study by CityU's Centre for Communication Research shows that local Internet users receive on average 58 junk mails per week, 11 more than that of 2004 and double the number of normal emails received.
An International Conference on Mobile Communication and Asian Modernities was held on 7-8 June, bringing together local and international scholars to exchange views on issues related to mobile communication and social development.
As part of an ongoing Research Seminar Series, on 11 October 2004, Dr Betty Lee, of CityU's Department of English and Communication, shared her research findings on: "Hong Kong Consumers' Evaluation Process of Organizational Crisis".
For the international and local scholars who gathered in the Multi-media Room for the Law and Language in International Arbitration Conference (LLIA) 2-4 October, the letter of the law was shown to be ambiguous, if not downright perplexing.

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