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Innovations for physical fitness through AI
Two new AI technologies, namely Sports Activity Assessment and AI Runner Track, that support physical fitness for students and teachers have been developed by CIMDA at CityU.
CityU’s record-breaking showing at International Exhibition of Inventions Geneva
Researchers from CityU received 36 awards at the 48th International Exhibition of Inventions Geneva. This is the third year running that CityU has received the highest number of awards among local institutions.
CityU’s self-designed electron microscopes
A research team at CityU is pioneering advanced technology for the next-generation self-design and manufacture of electron microscopes.
Leaders Circle promotes University-industry partnership and donation support
The Inauguration Ceremony of the Fourth Steering Committee of the CityU Industrial and Business Leaders Circle was held on 31 March.
29 scholars listed among the world's most cited researchers, CityU ranked 1st in terms of proportion in Hong Kong
An award ceremony was held by Clarivate at CityU on 29 March, commending 29 CityU scholars for being named Highly Cited Researchers for 2022, placing CityU 50th worldwide in this citation ranking.
Novel terahertz meta-devices accelerate 6G communications development
The novel tunable terahertz meta-device that allows for signal delivery to specific receivers has been developed by CityU.
Strategic communication, trust and culture from a paradigmatic-shifting perspective
Professor Christine Huang Yi-hui, Chair Professor of Communication and Media at CityU, spoke at the latest talk in the President's Lecture Series, where she discussed the role and importance of trust and culture in strategic communication research.
Discovery of a protein that promotes cancer metastasis
A research team led by CityU have discovered a novel protein, LH1, which is a key factor in promoting cancer cell migration and metastasis in liver cancer.
CityU’s “Jockey Club Project IDEA” strengthens social inclusion through Arts Tech
A more than HK$17 million donation from The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust is helping CityU to run a three-year education project called “Jockey Club Project IDEA”.
Optic nerve regeneration
Researchers at CityU have identified and demonstrated for the first time a therapeutic small molecule, M1, that can restore the visual function in the mammalian central nervous system, offering hope for patients with optic nerve damage such as glaucoma-related vision loss.

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