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New sulfate formation pathway provides more accurate haze prediction
Environmental scientists at CityU have proposed a new pathway for the formation of sulfate, providing new insights for improving haze prediction.
New chips accelerate data transmission
A physicist from CityU has played a pivotal role in advancing data transmission speed on the internet to make it the fastest in the world.
Two renowned scientists delivered lectures on porous metallic glasses and water studies at two Institute for Advanced Study Distinguished Lectures.
The energy you spend in daily activities, such as exercising, walking or even sitting and typing in front of the computer, will no longer be wasted, but converted to electrical energy for powering-up your smart electronics through a wearable energy-harvesting device developed by CityU.
Nature has inspired scientists to develop artificial materials with smart super-wettability, according to a renowned physical chemist at CityU on 13 January.

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