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CityU survey indicates background and trust in government affect citizens’ willingness to receive coronavirus vaccines
A survey conducted by CityU has revealed that only 38% of citizens are willing to get inoculated. Young people (aged between 20 and 24) are the least enthusiastic, with less than 30% indicating a willingness to get the jab.
Social distancing to combat Covid-19
Researchers at CityU found that school closures are not as effective as social distancing in public facilities for controlling Covid-19 in New York City.
CityU excels on global top scientists list
According to metrics compiled by Stanford University, over 140 CityU faculty members are listed among the top 2% of the world's most highly cited scientists, reflecting the high academic standard of our faculty and our excellent research performance.
CityU researcher: desexing cats before 4 months can reduce the number of unwanted kittens
Big-data research led by a CityU researcher has found that although more than 80% of cats in Australia were desexed, only a fraction have had surgery before reaching puberty, thus creating a “pregnancy gap”. It is recommended that the age of desexing is before four months.
Study suggests safety is why crowds synch footsteps
Research co-led by academics at CityU has discovered that the phenomenon of human self-organisation known as synchronisation forms spontaneously when the safety distance between pedestrians seems insufficient.
Dr Krishnaswamy Kasturirangan delivered a lecture titled “India in Transformation and Vision for Science” as part of the CityU Distinguished Lecture on 20 May.
A survey commissioned by CityU and St. James' Settlement raises concern about the well-being of children from stepfamilies.
A survey conducted by CityU on the prospects and upward mobility opportunities in the accounting sector found that the development of the accounting sector in Hong Kong may probably be in “bottleneck”.
Two renowned academics delivered Distinguished Lectures on negative capacitance and a neurobiological approach to language respectively.
New research conducted by CityU and St. James’ Settlement sheds light on the views that secondary school students have towards planning for their future lives.

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