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Novel solar cells promise new opportunities
Pioneering research led by scientists at CityU has led to the development of the most efficient all-inorganic inverted perovskite solar cells to date.
Graphene’s ultimate stretchability and ‘realistic’ strength discovered
The realistic mechanical properties of monolayer graphene have been successfully studied by a new method developed by a research team led by Dr Lu Yang, Associate Professor of Department of Mechanical Engineering at CityU.
Professor Leon Zhao Jianliang, Head of CityU’s Department of Information Systems, discussed the role of IT in the 2008 financial tsunami and ways to manage financial risks in the future in a lecture on 25 January.
CityU Shenzhen Research Institute was awarded RMB31.64 million for funding 59 research projects in mainland China in 2012.
Professor Way Kuo, University President, discussed the relationship between nuclear safety and operations management at the Fourth POMS-HK International Conference held on 3 January.

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