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CityU’s new blood test technology for accurate detection of cancer cells
Groundbreaking technology that can accurately perform early screening for cancer cells and effectively monitor disease status has been successfully developed by a biomedical research team at CityU.
World-first coating developed at CityU
A world-first self-healable anti-smudge coating successfully developed by a research team at CityU could lead to production costs that are 80% lower than for existing materials.
New brain studies for treating myelin-related diseases
A study by CityU reveals for the first time that schema-like learning can foster the growth and regeneration of brain myelin, thereby enhancing the synchrony of neural networks.
A system of “electronic skin-integrated haptic interfaces” jointly developed by CityU and other academic institutions can help users of prosthesis to feel the surrounding environment and be used for social media, entertainment and gaming.
Professor Guo Lei of the Chinese Academy of Sciences explored the use of sophisticated algorithms in understanding flocking behaviour in the latest CityU Distinguished Lecture.
Global and regional developments in the world of nanotechnology were the focus of a distinguished lecture by Professor Bai Chunli, President of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Honorary Doctor of CityU.
Former Chairman of the Straits Exchange Foundation Dr Chiang Pin-kung discussed summits, trade and economic prospects between Taiwan, the mainland and Hong Kong at a City University Distinguished Lecture on 12 November.
At a CityU Distinguished Lecture on 8 Nov, Professor Huang Chin-shing reflected on his study of Confucianism as a religion with a focus on the Confucian temple as a holy ground.
CityU receives HK$ 20 million funding to develop the high-speed wireless data transceiver system, with a transmission rate almost 50 times faster than the Wi-Fi system.

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