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Breakthrough technology indicates earlier detection for Alzheimer’s disease
A research team co-led by a scientist at CityU has discovered a new, non-invasive way to detect early-stage Alzheimer’s disease, helping patients get the necessary treatments around 10 years before any symptoms appear.
New ventilation system helps protect healthcare workers from Covid-19 infection
Professor John Lin from the Division of Building Science and Technology has invented a stratum ventilation system that provides fresh air for healthcare staff inside a ward.
CityU achieves excellent results in the latest RGC funding exercise, ranked fourth among the eight higher education institutions in total grants awarded. The amount has surged 22% from last year's result.
The Language Information Sciences Research Centre at CityU conducted a statistical review of the words most commonly used or being marginalized over the past 10 years. The results will be released between 26 June and 29 June.
"IACD Hong Kong Conference 2007" with the theme "Partnership for People-centred Development: Challenges & Responses in a Globalising World" holds its opening ceremony at CityU on 25 June.
Over 40 local and international experts share their views on how the Basic Law has been implemented in the first 10 years after the handover at an international conference co-organized by CityU and HKSAR Basic Law Education Association on 22 June and 23 June.
International and local scholars in the field of cultural and language education converge at CityU this week for a two-day conference on Chinese culture, identity and language anxiety.
A research team of CityU’s Department of Electronic Engineering has developed an energy-efficient burn-in system for power supplies, applying the concept of reusing electricity.
Over 250 scientists, government officials and consultants attend the 5th International Conference on Marine Pollution and Ecotoxicology at CityU from 4 June to 6 June.
International and local scholars congregated at CityU for an international symposium on university governance in Asia.

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