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Swire Coca-Cola Hong Kong Ltd recently made a HK$100,000 donation to CityU's Smart Asset Management (SAM) Laboratory, in support of its unique equipment fault diagnosis and prognosis system—Smart Asset Maintenance System.
Associate Professor in the Department of Biology and Chemistry, has developed a system to test Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Dr Cheng is employing zebrafish embryos to identify herbs that can induce or inhibit the formation of new blood vessels. The project, “Screening Agents for Angiogenic Modulating Activities Using Teleosts Embryos”, has been granted HK$2.5 million under the Innovation and Technology Support Programme of Hong Kong’s Innovation and Technology Fund (ITF).
An international symposium promoting the exchange of ideas on the economic, political social and cultural developments arising from the changing relations between China and Southeast Asia was held at CityU March 24-25. "China and Southeast Asia: Challenges, opportunities and the reconstruction of Southeast Asian Chinese ethnic capital" was co-organized by CityU's Southeast Asia Research Centre (SEARC) and the Center for Southeast Asian Studies (CSAS) at Xiamen University.
The future is already knocking on our door in the guise of nanotechnology, and Mr Shimon Peres has the vision to open that door. "Today's Advancements — Tomorrow's Future, The Role of Economic, Technological and Scientific Development in Today's World" was the title of a lecture by Mr Shimon Peres, Israel's Former Prime Minister and Nobel Peace Laureate, delivered at City University of Hong Kong, the morning of 5 March. He also toured the University's laboratories.

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