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The summer of 2003 proved to be very rewarding for 40 Associate Degree students who participated in a nine-week career exposure programme that placed them in organizations such as the Society of Boys' Centre, Hong Kong Student Aid Society, and Princess Margaret Hospital. Most experiencing full-time work for the first time, the students found the programme an eye-opening in terms of career and personal development.
Which variables have been proven to cause the failure of an organization — discrimination based on ethnicity, or discrimination based on work values?
A "New Media Communication Workshop and Competition" organized by the Department of English and Communication (EN) will be held 25 October, (Saturday). This event has been developed expressly to introduce some Web page design and production techniques, as well as a taste of university life, to Form 6 and 7 students.
Whether a student succeeds in university, or not, is, to a large extent, determined by his first month on campus, according to Mr Joseph Chan, CityU's Acting Director of Student Development Services (SDS) at the First Year Experience Seminar, 11 October. If the first year is an important one, the first month of that year is certainly crucial, and ideal graduates don't just happen¡Xthey need to be nurtured.
What do you think a part-time job means for university students? Simply earning a subsidy to support their studies? Definitely, there is more than money for participants in CityU's Service Learning Initiative (SLI)-they gain experience and skills that become assets for their future endeavors.
Passion for Japanese language and culture brought precious rewards to Miss Vivien Ng Pui-ling and Miss Yuriko Leung Hor-ling, graduates of CityU's Associate of Arts in Applied Japanese Studies. With the sponsorship of Japan's Ministry of Education and Science, Miss Ng and Miss Leung achieved an opportunity to take up a one-year study at Hokkaiko University and Osaka University, respectively, commencing in October.

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