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A "New Media Communication Workshop and Competition" organized by the Department of English and Communication (EN) will be held 25 October, (Saturday). This event has been developed expressly to introduce some Web page design and production techniques, as well as a taste of university life, to Form 6 and 7 students.
For the international and local scholars who gathered in the Multi-media Room for the Law and Language in International Arbitration Conference (LLIA) 2-4 October, the letter of the law was shown to be ambiguous, if not downright perplexing.
An exhibition by acclaimed Spanish contemporary artist, Josep Vernis, will be held 9 to 19 October at the CityU Art Gallery. The exhibition is co-organized by the CityU Art Gallery, the University's Culture and Sports Committee and the Department of English and Communication, in collaboration with the Spanish Chamber of Commerce and Spanish Consulate General.

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