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Dear Colleagues, You will have heard by now about University Council's resolution on 25 November on the Report of the Independent Committee on Review of Recent Events in the School of Law (IC).
City University of Hong Kong received, in the late afternoon of 18 November, a full report from the Independent Committee on Review of Recent Events in the School of Law. The report is available in both English and Chinese versions, each some 300 pages long, containing the Independent Committee's findings of the whole process, its observations and specific recommendations.
A highly-acclaimed expert on environmental sciences and a seminal figure in the development of China's environmental protection policies delivered a lecture on the development of world environmental protection in CityU's Distinguished Lecture Series on 14 November.
At the Congregation's fourth session on 13 November, the University conferred honorary degrees on three prominent and distinguished people.
The 17th Congregation marked a new chapter in the lives of this year's 6,864 graduates. Upon their shoulders rests the future, and CityU's President Professor H K Chang reminded them in his address, "You cannot plot out your life story and anything is possible," he said. "With hard work and determination you can succeed in anything you do and go anywhere you choose. The future is yours."
More than 300 CityU athletes competed at the ninth CityU Annual Athletic Meet, held at the Joint Sports Centre on 3 November, with a total of 15 new records in track and field events.
City University of Hong Kong, together with 25 other organizations and companies, was presented the Web Care Award by the Internet Professionals Association (iProA)in recognition of their meeting the primary "no barrier websites" requirements.
Six months have passed since Linkage spoke to Mr Patrick Kwong, Director of the University Publications Office and Convener of the HUCOM Task Force on Reprographic Rights Licensing, about the implications for CityU of the enactment of the Intellectual Property Ordinance (Miscellaneous Amendments) 2000, on 1 April 2001.
A series of overseas summer tours designed to foster a regional perspective for learning and whole person development has proved popular with students in CityU's Department of Applied Social Studies (SS) over the past two years.
CityU's College of Higher Vocational Studies offers about 800 students each a handheld computer to better integrate their study with campus life, with the support of two enterprises, Palm Inc. and ObjectValley (Asia Pacific) Ltd.

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