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In an expanded Management Board meeting on 23 September that included heads of academic and administrative departments, the President discussed at length with some 50 senior colleagues the developments and challenges facing City University today and over the next few years.
Last month in this space, the President talked about what he perceived as the four challenges at the start of the new semester (Linkage No. 214), one of which involves the new strategic plan. This month, he makes use of his regular meeting with Linkage to put forward his personal views on where City University should be heading in the greater context of Hong Kong 's future role vis-?-vis China 's rapid development.
The sweltering summer weather is largely gone by the end of August and a new semester beckons as cohorts of freshmen savour their first glimpse of CityU life during the student orientations. In mid-August, Linkage spoke to the President to find out what he thinks are the important issues and challenges facing the University as it rolls into the new academic year.

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