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Video footage of the musical, City Legend, welcomed 4,500 full-time students to CityU from 26-28 August. Held at the Multi-purpose Sports Hall, the welcoming festivities were part of a number of orientation activities for the undergraduate and associate degree freshmen at CityU this year.
A stunning collection of microscopic carvings and calligraphic pieces—a strand of hair on which is carved a famous Tang Dynasty poem, for example—is on display at CityU Gallery until 1 September.
CityU welcomed 40 elite science students from seven Hong Kong secondary schools to a larger world of science and technology at a Technology Camp designed to encourage the youngsters to share their interest with others and broaden Hong Kong's technological horizons.
A comparative study of the rewards for high public office in Asia has come up with some interesting findings, including the fact that the prime minister of Singapore is paid over 500,000 times more than China's president. "Hong Kong also ranks high - second after Singapore," said Dr Grace Lee, Associate Professor in the Department of Public and Social Administration.
Two initiatives were introduced this year to restructure the public sector-reform of the civil service pay policy and system and the appointment of principal officials who will be held accountable for the success or failure of their policies. How does the government's latest attempt to reform the system differ from previous similar attempts in terms of content and background? Is this an opportune time for implementing such reforms? What are the main obstacles to their successful implementation?
It is a common misrepresentation that globalization means international markets will converge to form common paradigms and practices, said Professor Anthony Cheung of City University's Department of Public and Social Administration. Countries are more likely to re-interpret global models of economics to reflect trends and beliefs embedded within an individual society, he believes.
The Faculty of Science and Engineering has introduced a pilot one-year cooperative programme with eight industrial partners, following the success of the Industrial Attachment Scheme (IAS).
"The biggest challenge for higher education today is to produce ideal graduates," said Professor Edmond Ko, Vice-President (Education). "We hope to remind our teaching staff to review their teaching methods at all times and make sure they are the best for our students." To improve the quality of teaching and learning, several initiatives have been taken to enhance the University's quality assurance process.
In addition to basic research, CityU is also committed to promoting applied R&D and commercializing research products. CityU is, in fact, the first university in Hong Kong to successfully incubate a technology company.
CityU has announced that it will be awarding honorary degrees to a community service leader, an environmental scientist, and a renowned scholar at the University's 17th Congregation on 13 November.

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