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To promote and stimulate the interest of secondary school students in developing their career in Hong Kong's construction industry, CityU's Department of Building and Construction is holding the region's first-ever Build And Shake Inter-School Competition (BASIC).
CityU students joined their counterparts at Zhejiang University to present a cultural performance on 18 April at the Wei Hing Theatre, bringing the concept of student exchange to new heights.
Committed to helping the cause of CityU, a dozen University alumni formed the 2002 CityU Alumni Association Executive Committee under incoming Chairman Patrick Lee, who pledged that he and his committee would devote themselves to uniting CityU's alumni in support of University development.
The Council of City University of Hong Kong announced its decision to set up an independent committee to review issues surrounding the recent events involving the School of Law.
With regard to the discussion at the Special Meeting of the Legislative Council's Panel on Education on 2 April on the appeal for contract renewal by some teaching staff of the School of Law, City University of Hong Kong would like to make a statement as follows:
An open letter signed by 56 chair professors at CityU appeared as advertisements against a proposal to split Hong Kong's universities into teaching-oriented and research-oriented institutions in Ming Pao and the South China Morning Post on 4 March. It has been reported that the universities with a longer history will be categorized as research-oriented universities, while the younger universities, including CityU, will be categorized as teaching-oriented.
CityU has always encouraged its students to broaden their horizons and experiences by taking part in student and academic exchange activities abroad. Between September 2001 and January 2002, more than five hundred students took part in workshops, study tours, visits, training camps and student exchange programmes in Australia, Canada, Denmark, Japan, Hungary, the US, UK, and the mainland.
To further promote research on cultural interactions between the East and the West, the Centre for Cross-Cultural Studies, in cooperation with City University of Hong Kong Press, plans to publish a cross-cultural study series.
It's 10am on a sweltering summer day in the year 2004. Dr Chan (a fictitious character), a biogeneticist with the University's Applied Research Centre for Genomic Technologies, is hunched over his office computer screen.
You walk into the subway between Festival Walk and the University campus. The brick concrete walls are gone and have been replaced by trendy metal panels. Displayed on the panels are plaques of quotations by renowned scholars and famous people. Ceiling lights brighten up the previously rather dark and dingy tunnel.

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