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While many scholars turn democracy into a gigantic, often culturally specific package of political and economic arrangements, Professor Edward Rubin, Professor of Law of the University of Pennsylvania, offered a different approach in his public lecture on 9 April. He pointed out that democracy consists of pragmatic political arrangements that align the incentives of government officials with the desires of people.
The Council of City University of Hong Kong announced its decision to set up an independent committee to review issues surrounding the recent events involving the School of Law.
With regard to the discussion at the Special Meeting of the Legislative Council's Panel on Education on 2 April on the appeal for contract renewal by some teaching staff of the School of Law, City University of Hong Kong would like to make a statement as follows:
City University appointed an independent Appeal Committee to examine the appeals lodged by seven School of Law teaching staff concerning contract renewal. After two months of detailed consideration, the Appeal Committee concluded its findings and announced its decisions.

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