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Novel solar cells promise new opportunities
Pioneering research led by scientists at CityU has led to the development of the most efficient all-inorganic inverted perovskite solar cells to date.
Graphene’s ultimate stretchability and ‘realistic’ strength discovered
The realistic mechanical properties of monolayer graphene have been successfully studied by a new method developed by a research team led by Dr Lu Yang, Associate Professor of Department of Mechanical Engineering at CityU.
More than 100 local academics and business professionals packed the Multi-Media Conference Room on 19 March for a seminar on knowledge management in Hong Kong.
A lecturer in the Department of Manufacturing Engineering and Engineering Management (MEEM) is interested in taking air purification technology developed in the US and adapting it to the special needs of Hong Kong.
One of China's most renowned painters, Wu Guanzhong, turned his body into a brush and composed a 3-D drawing using CityU's innovative Body-Brush technology on campus on 13 March.
CityU's Building and Construction Department has established a 200-cubic-meter reverberation chamber that will help researchers conduct sound absorption tests. Meeting both the ISO and ASTM standards, the chamber is an accredited laboratory for acoustics and noise reduction research.
Five local economists presented their views on the Hong Kong government's budget for 2002-2003 at a special economic forum hosted by CityU's APEC Study Centre on 7 March.

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