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Breakthrough in battling Triple-Negative Breast Cancer
CityU biologists discover super-enhancers that switch on Triple-Negative Breast Cancer genes.
CityU wins 12 awards at Inventions Geneva Evaluation Days, the highest number among all universities in Hong Kong
Researchers from CityU won the highest number of awards among all universities in Hong Kong at IGED 2021, including a Gold Medal with Congratulations of the Jury, five Gold Medals, three Silver Medals and three Bronze Medals, demonstrating the excellence of the research carried out at CityU.
Advanced robot sensors facilitate superior touch and feel
By mimicking human skin, new kinds of tactile sensor technologies created at CityU offer hope to improving the quality of life for people suffering serious injuries and disabilities.
 HK$12 million CityU grant continues to invigorate local fisheries
The sustainable development of local fisheries is the major beneficiary of a HK$12 million government grant to CityU.
More than 40 new inventions and innovative ideas from CityU are on display at the Innovation Expo 2001 from 22-26 November at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre.
CityU's Centre for Cross-Cultural Studies (CCS), two years in preparation, finally made its official debut on 12 October. World-renowned sinologist and author of modern Chinese studies, Jonathan Spence, Sterling Professor of History at Yale University, delivered a public lecture on "The Image of China in the West: Accident or Design?"to a packed audience at the Wei Hing Theatre.
What have been the major developmental trends in Hong Kong's younger generation over the last three years? Have their lives and values been influenced by the economic downturn and increased contact with mainland China?
To deepen understanding of the psychosocial, cultural, and political issues facing youth today, the Youth Studies Net (YSNet) ( was founded jointly by the Department of Applied Social Studies and the Division of Social Studies in March 2000.
Think of your favourite idols. Would they include Magic Johnson, Zhou Enlai, or Faye Wong by any chance? Now think of the most creative Chinese minds, historical or modern. Would Confucius, Sun Yat-sen, or I M Pei appear on your list? To learn more about adolescent idol worship in different Chinese cities and young people's perceptions of the most creative figures, Dr Yue Xiaodong of the Department of Applied Social Studies conducted two lines of research over the last few years.
CityU's Wei Hing Theatre was packed on the evening of 12 October for the Public Launch of the Centre for Cross-Cultural Studies. Following welcoming remarks by CityU President Professor H K Chang, Professor Matthew Chen, Dean of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences reminded the audience of the importance of cross-cultural understanding, especially in the light of current events.

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