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Joint Lab
The Greater Bay Area Joint Laboratory of Big Data Imaging and Communications has been established by the Department of Electrical Engineering and the State Key Laboratory of Terahertz and Millimeter Waves at CityU.
Kangaroo research
A research team led by a scientist at CityU has discovered that kangaroos can intentionally communicate with humans, challenging the notion that this behaviour is usually restricted to domesticated animals like dogs, horses or goats.
If a group of management sciences professors at City University have their way, the Centa-City Index, a winner of CityU's prestigious Applied Research Excellence Awards in 2001, may become as widely accepted and creditable as the Hang Seng Index in measuring the territory's economic health.
Research and postgraduate education were the focus of CityU's ninth University Development Forum, held on 18 September. The open presentation gave four focus groups the opportunity to present their observations and members of staff the opportunity to provide feedback on the recommendations.
Science fiction writer Isaac Asimov, author of such futuristic works as I, Robot, would have been impressed. For here was a robot capable of crawling through cramped ventilation ducts for inspection and cleaning, a robotic petrol-filling station, a fearless robot that can scale the walls of high-rise buildings and clean windows, and a robotic muscle arm for nursing, just to name a few.

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