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President H K Chang, and senior management staff welcomed Mr Zhao Zhizhen, Director-General of the Wuhan Broadcasting Corporation and other guests on 15 December and accompanied them on a tour of the campus.
In a rare display of talent, three CityU scientists¡Xall chair professors¡Xhave been newly admitted to the elite of IEEE fellowship: Professor Paul Chu, from the Department of Physics and Materials Science, Professor Ron Hui and Professor Luk Kwai-man, both from the Department of Electronic Engineering. In the latest round of the IEEE election, only eight new 2003 Fellows, all academics, are from Hong Kong .
"Translating legal precedents from the mainland has been such a lonely endeavour. Now I feel my efforts are being recognized and hope that more people will give their support," said Dr Priscilla Leung, Associate Professor in the School of Law, who has been chosen as one of the Ten Outstanding Young Persons by the Hong Kong Junior Chamber of Commerce this year.

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