Managing learning through ePortfolios

Michael Gibb

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Around 20 local secondary school students spent the weekend with colleagues from the Office of Education Development and General Education (EDGE) of City University of Hong Kong (CityU), learning how to create effective ePortfolios at a specially arranged camp on campus as part of the 3rd ePortfolio Competition for Hong Kong Secondary and Primary School Students.

Students and educationalists worldwide are increasingly turning to ePortfolios for learning, personal development and career planning. The CityU ePortfolio team was invited to co-organise the camp because they have over six years’ experience investigating and promoting ePortfolios.

The purpose of the camp was to help secondary school students develop the skills needed to document and reflect on their learning, and to evidence and showcase their learning outcomes. It is hoped the camp will enable students to create better ePortfolios.

Chair Professor David Randall, the Director of EDGE, gave the opening speech. He quoted Sun Tzu’s saying “To know one's own strength and the enemy's is the sure way to victory” to tell that ePortfolios help one succeed as they “help you to know yourself.”


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