Cross-Institutional Course Enrolment Scheme


City University of Hong Kong (CityU) and The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) have entered into a collaboration agreement allowing mathematics students at undergraduate level of both institutes to enrol in courses offered by them. This collaboration allows the mathematics students to benefit from the expertise available in the partner institute and also provides students with more choices of courses.


Application Period for 2021/2022

Application Period
Application Period for Late Drop / Withdrawal
Semester A/ Term One
till 30 August 2021
Not later than 15 September 2021
Semester B/ Term Two
till 3 January 2022
Not later than 17 January 2022

Note: The second semester/ term 2021/22 of CityU and CUHK will start on 10 January 2022. Students of both universities under the scheme are advised to attend classes according to the prescribed class schedules (though application process is still going on).



Information for CityU Students

Information for CUHK Students

Last update: 8 December 2021