Liu Bie Ju Centre for Mathematical Sciences

City University’s Liu Bie Ju Centre for Mathematical Sciences is fast becoming a world leader in applied analysis. The Centre has been responsible for the organisation of a wide range of academic events in the area of Applied Mathematics, all of which presented internationally acclaimed mathematicians as invited speakers.

Research is the Centre’s strength and major asset, driven by an impressive collaboration of expertise that is headed by Professor Roderick Wong (Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada) and Professor Philippe G Ciarlet (Member of the French Academy of Sciences), together with a group of highly active and promising young researchers working in the field of Applied Mathematics and other mathematical disciplines.

The research conducted in the Centre is not only of theoretical importance, but also provides practical support to the development of industry and financial sectors. Further, the ongoing research activities of the Centre also provide the potential for increased collaborative research that will bridge the existing gap between pure and applied mathematics.

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