Departmental Policy & Procedures on Student Assessment

Late Submission of Assessment Task

Failure to submit assessment task on time will result in NO MARKS being awarded for that assessment component and NO EXTENTION of submission deadline being allowed. Students who believe his/her in-course assessment in late submission has been adversely affected by circumstances beyond his/her control must submit the case following the departmental procedures stated below for consideration of the relevant Course Assessment Panel:

Student submits case using standard form to home academic unit as soon as possible and no later than 5 working days of the scheduled date for completing the affected examination or assessment
Home academic unit will notify the course-offering academic unit immediately, and determine whether the case is substantiated in consultation with the course-offering academic unit if not substantiated
Home academic unit to notify student in writing of the result and copied to the course-offering academic unit
if substantiated
Assessment Panel to consider action
Course-offering academic unit to notify student in writing of the Assessment Panel's decision and copied to the home academic unit

Last update: 5 November 2013