Departmental Distinguished Lecture

Departmental Distinguished Lecture 2021

Date Title Speaker & Institution Venue
16 Dec 2021 Euler equations and transonic flows Professor Dehua Wang
University of Pittsburgh
Online Zoom
2 Dec 2021 Partial Differential Equations of Mixed Type: Old and New Professor Gui-Qiang G. Chen
University of Oxford
Online Zoom (VIEW)
18 Nov 2021 Phase-wise Conservative and Bound Preserving Algorithms for Multi-Phase Flow in Geological Porous Media Professor Shuyu SUN
King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST)
Online Zoom (VIEW)
21 Oct 2021 Functional analytic methods for discrete approximations of subwavelength resonator systems Professor Habib AMMARI
ETH Zurich, Switzerland
Online Zoom (VIEW)








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